and I’ll smile if I want to!

I decided to celebrate my birthday this year with a twist, so I had a ‘kiddies’ party with adult treats!
I made coffee cupcakes with Kahlua chocolate ganache, vanilla cupcakes with Amarula caramel icing and for the savoury palettes there were 3 types of mini quiche (spinach & feta, bacon and mushroom).

I also made a ‘shoe cake’ which took centre stage 🙂 while prosecco and Cosmopolitans flowed like Cool-aid, it was a fantastic afternoon!

As I mentioned, we ate lots of cake…

Birthday cake

All my lovely friends enjoying themselves and getting to know each other over Cosmos. Did I mention we finished a whole bottle of Vodka?!!

Birthday party friends

And delightfully unexpectedly, they brought me gifts! Friends to celebrate with AND presents to enjoy!!