At the end of Winter every year in Zurich we celebrate Sächsilüüte, in which all the branches and twigs from the last of the Winter harvest are gathered and a snowman called the Böögg is built. The Böögg’s head is filled with explosives and then he is set on top of approximately 10-15 meter high pile of these branches. The base is set alight and the countdown begins, and everyone stands waiting to see how long it takes till the flames reach high enough to set the Böögg alight and for his head to explode! It took 10mins 58s this year which apparently means we’ll be having a long, warm Summer. As with all things Swiss there’s a parade and much music and partying around this festival. To commemorate it this year, I made a Sächsilüüte cake (two tier lemon vanilla covered in vanilla buttercream); check out my cutie Böögg (who’s head did not get blown up!)