As part of my 5th wedding anniversary present to MrTwist, I signed us up for a baker’s cooking (baking) class which we went to on Thursday evening.

Taught by Chef Walter of The Proof of Pudding Cooking School, we had a fantastic time. If his bread is anything to go by, Walter is a brilliant chef. We learnt a lot, everything from the different types of flour (rye is so much like sawdust!) to learning the best backing techniques (steaming the bread in the oven for the firs 7 minutes before baking!). The course was well planned and perfectly presented in that of the 5 different bread types we prepared, there were samples already proofing and ready to bake when we had finished making our own batch. So we were able to experience everything from the mixing, kneading, shaping and baking – all in the 3 very fast hours of the class!

Here are photos I managed to take during the class as well as a few video clips.

Washing hands, checking out all the different floursPICT5696

No-knead brown bread, so quick and easy to make!


After 30 mins of rising time and ready for the oven: PICT5704

Fresh out the oven! PICT5709PICT5718

The difference between rye and plain white bread dough. The rye is like a rock!


Loaves already proofing, ready for us to bake PICT5702

Rye bread in the making PICT5714 PICT5719 PICT5715

White bread fresh out the oven PICT5720

Rye bread fresh out the oven PICT5722

MrTwist’s creation – so much for baking rye bread! PICT5723

Our attempt at Pain Ordinaire left to rise during our lesson PICT5724

Zopf ready for the oven PICT5725

and out the oven PICT5731

Fresh out of the oven: Rye bread, plain white bread, mixed flour walnut bread, zopf and brown bread

PICT5729 PICT5730PICT5733

The video clips:– forgive the bad sound and noises coming from me, I didn’t mean to speak while filming, lol!

MrTwist Kneading rye bread – its not easy!

Chef Walter taking over from MrTwist at kneading the rye bread

Plaiting the Zopf

I highly recommend Proof of Pudding to any individuals, couples or groups. Chef Walter is experienced, well informed and most of all patient and the list of courses offered will definitely see us going back for more training!