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One cupcake is just not enough to share, so why not have a mini cake instead?



For his 40th birthday celebration, Vanessa requested a traditional Swedish cake (Schwedentorte) for her drummer husband.

The cake was fun and interesting to make (the trial run I did a few weeks ago was very tasty with layers of strawberry jam, pastry cream, vanilla cake and whipped cream!)

According to Vanessa the cake was ‘yummy and nearly all got eaten’.


IMG_5999 IMG_6001

The lovely Jenn hosted a baby shower for Krystal who is expecting a boy in September.

For the party I was asked to make some of Krystal’s favourite cupcakes – vanilla, mocha and as a surprise for her, Oreo.

IMG_5961 IMG_5966 As a gift from me, I baked a mocha and vanilla custom baby shower cake. IMG_5959 There were mini cupcakes of each flavour for nibbling on during the party.


Jenn wanted normal size cupcakes as party favours for when the guests left, I loved her idea!


A deliciously easy recipe and healthy too! Tradional Apple Sharlotka (apple cake) is great served warm and eaten as is or served as a dessert with custard or ice cream. Droolishes!!!!

Recipe found here on Smitten Kitchen.