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I attended another decorating class – this time Mini-torte (small cakes), I had so much fun but ran out of time so I finished off at home the next day. I’m really enjoying making flowers out of fondant. so nice to see that I can create something pretty!


 A delicious multi layered, multi toned ombre cake, with intricate swirl icing; a visual delight!

Pink ombre swirl

I used two types of piping styles so that the top icing too thick and then I popped a pink pearl ball in the centre of each top swirl and a big silver ball in the swirls around the side.

 Pink ombre swirl Pink ombre swirl

This year I decided to be brave and bake my own traditional Christmas cake, if for none other reason than every other fruit cake I encounter in Europe (let alone Switzerland) has some form of nuts in it and I was getting pretty bored of being left out.
I used cranberries, prunes, currents, cherries and apricots which soaked in brandy for about 4 weeks, giving me just over 2 weeks to feed the baked cake with brandy.

The soaked fruit after a few weeks clip_image002
My first time working with treacle – its REALLY sticky!clip_image003
The parchment around the cake prevented the cake from getting to brown over the long baking process and would help with overflow if your tin is too low.
clip_image005The fun part of course was finally getting to decorate the cake just before Christmas. As I mentioned, I’m allergic to nuts so I didn’t put a layer of marzipan in-between the cake and the fondant. Instead, I heated smooth apricot jam with a good dose of brandy and coated the cake with the sticky mixture using it at ‘glue’ so to speak before putting on the fondant coat.
I made a snow man out of fondant, I think he’s really cute! clip_image008
Visit The Pink Whisk for the original (long version) recipe here – she’s provided great step-by-step photos!, or if you prefer the impatient baker version English Mum has the shortcut ready.
I’m looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and a slice soon!

At the end of Winter every year in Zurich we celebrate Sächsilüüte, in which all the branches and twigs from the last of the Winter harvest are gathered and a snowman called the Böögg is built. The Böögg’s head is filled with explosives and then he is set on top of approximately 10-15 meter high pile of these branches. The base is set alight and the countdown begins, and everyone stands waiting to see how long it takes till the flames reach high enough to set the Böögg alight and for his head to explode! It took 10mins 58s this year which apparently means we’ll be having a long, warm Summer. As with all things Swiss there’s a parade and much music and partying around this festival. To commemorate it this year, I made a Sächsilüüte cake (two tier lemon vanilla covered in vanilla buttercream); check out my cutie Böögg (who’s head did not get blown up!)




and I’ll smile if I want to!

I decided to celebrate my birthday this year with a twist, so I had a ‘kiddies’ party with adult treats!
I made coffee cupcakes with Kahlua chocolate ganache, vanilla cupcakes with Amarula caramel icing and for the savoury palettes there were 3 types of mini quiche (spinach & feta, bacon and mushroom).

I also made a ‘shoe cake’ which took centre stage 🙂 while prosecco and Cosmopolitans flowed like Cool-aid, it was a fantastic afternoon!

As I mentioned, we ate lots of cake…

Birthday cake

All my lovely friends enjoying themselves and getting to know each other over Cosmos. Did I mention we finished a whole bottle of Vodka?!!

Birthday party friends

And delightfully unexpectedly, they brought me gifts! Friends to celebrate with AND presents to enjoy!!