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It’s been quiet on the blogging front but not in the kitchen lately!

IMG_9870Who says vanilla has to look boring?

IMG_9875Heaven in a chocolate cup!


IMG_9860 Pina colada cupcakes with rum-soaked pineapples at the base and caramelised pineapple slices to decorate


Hello all you cupcake lovers! Happy New Year!, wishing you all a sweet indulgent 2013.


During the 2012 Christmas break in sunny South Africa, I took on a few small baking projects to treat the family

IMG_7134IMG_7135IMG_7138IMG_7137My daughter and i had lots of fun decorating these vanilla and lemon cupcakes with fondant, I let her decide on the final decorations.

IMG_7453IMG_7447 Some piping fun

IMG_7375 To satisfy my mum’s craving for cinnamon rolls, i researched a quick, no yeast recipe and she woke to these one morning.

IMG_1143  And of course there had to be chocolate! Layered chocolate cake filled with chocolate frosting and then drenched in a liquid dark chocolate ganache.

Onwards and upwards to an exciting and fun new year!

M.E. requested chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for his office colleagues to celebrate his birthday

I made them triple chocolate delight cupcakes, filled with dark chocolate ganache and topped with ganache icing drizzled with white chocolate.

Triple chocolate indulgence

And straight forward vanilla dream cupcakes with white vanilla icing punched with vanilla seeds and green sprinkles.

Vanilla dream

I hope M.E. and the Microsoft DPE team enjoyed their treat today!

While it’s not my policy to make mixed boxes of cupcakes, AT is a good friend and was in need of cheering up and I simply couldn’t say no.

Delivery for AT

The box included Carrot cake cupcakes with honey cream cheese frosting, topped with a marzipan carrot; Triple chocolate delight cupcakes filled with chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate sprinkled chocolate frosting and Vanilla cupcakes with a twist – filled with Dulce de Leche sauce and topped with vanilla and sauce twisted frosting.

IMG_4464 Chocolate delight Vanilla cupcake with a twist

Thanks to AT for passing on the positive feedback, I so pleased they all enjoyed the cupcakes!

It’s an annual event, brothers who now live around the globe meet and go for dinner to catch up and of course, reminisce. This year only 3 of the 5 were in attendance but dinner was held at a restaurant in their hometown where they were all born and the family history dates back for almost 500 years.

For  dessert was a selection of three cupcakes: first; a lemonlicious cupcake with two tone lemon and vanilla frosting topped with the Epprecht family crest (hand painted with food colouring on fondant shields)

IMG_3590 IMG_3588

To honour their home town; a triple chocolate delight! Chocolate cupcakes filled with Kahlua-tainted ganache and topped with chocolate frosting as well as the Affoltern am Albis wappen /crest (hand painted with food colouring on fondant shields)


And lastly as a fun treat; vanilla cupcakes with a sticky, runny marshmallow filling and topped with vanilla icing stuffed full of mini marshmallow