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Sunshine, bbq’s and Lake Zug… the perfect summer’s day; only made better with strawberry daiquiri cupcakes!


Fun time out with the Zug eXpats Meetup group.


LH ordered cupcake treats for the adults at her daughter’s 4th birthday party.

Chocolate and Kahlua cupcakes, Strawberry daiquiri cupcakes and

Strawberry daiquiri

Pina colada cupcakes

Pina colada

Friday the 13th, Mascotte and InterNations!! Not to mention the cupcakes and smiles and dancing and fun that was had by over 400 people!

As a treat for the first 100 guests there were mini carrot cake, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes – all with cute Christmas-esque fondant toppers.

The winner of the competition was the lovely Lenit Aa who won a selection of Peaches ‘n Cream, chocolate and carrot cake cupcakes.IMG_2341

Here’s InterNations Zürich Ambassador, Chris, matching a snowman topper to his jumper! IMG_2330


*Apologies for the poor quality photos!


Are you a member of InterNations? If not, why not? For expats and locals like, its a great way to meet new people and attend fabulous events The Zurich ambassador team are amazing in keeping the community motivated and are always working hard at bringing the Zurich members something fun and different. Visit the Town Talk forum and enter the competition by telling your favourite holiday story, share your most loved holiday song, or how about the strangest gift you’ve received?

Indulgence Cupcakes is proud to partner with InterNations at their December holiday party which will be hosted at Mascotte on December 13. The winner will be chosen on the night and will receive 12 cupcakes of their choice! A great way to kick off the holiday season of indulgence!!

After her 21st birthday strawberry daiquiri cupcakes last year, Lejla was eager to celebrate sweetly again This year she asked for triple chocolate indulgence and red velvet with cream cheese.

Leilja (1)Leilja (2)


Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!