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 A delicious multi layered, multi toned ombre cake, with intricate swirl icing; a visual delight!

Pink ombre swirl

I used two types of piping styles so that the top icing too thick and then I popped a pink pearl ball in the centre of each top swirl and a big silver ball in the swirls around the side.

 Pink ombre swirl Pink ombre swirl

This year I decided to be brave and bake my own traditional Christmas cake, if for none other reason than every other fruit cake I encounter in Europe (let alone Switzerland) has some form of nuts in it and I was getting pretty bored of being left out.
I used cranberries, prunes, currents, cherries and apricots which soaked in brandy for about 4 weeks, giving me just over 2 weeks to feed the baked cake with brandy.

The soaked fruit after a few weeks clip_image002
My first time working with treacle – its REALLY sticky!clip_image003
The parchment around the cake prevented the cake from getting to brown over the long baking process and would help with overflow if your tin is too low.
clip_image005The fun part of course was finally getting to decorate the cake just before Christmas. As I mentioned, I’m allergic to nuts so I didn’t put a layer of marzipan in-between the cake and the fondant. Instead, I heated smooth apricot jam with a good dose of brandy and coated the cake with the sticky mixture using it at ‘glue’ so to speak before putting on the fondant coat.
I made a snow man out of fondant, I think he’s really cute! clip_image008
Visit The Pink Whisk for the original (long version) recipe here – she’s provided great step-by-step photos!, or if you prefer the impatient baker version English Mum has the shortcut ready.
I’m looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and a slice soon!