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Special delivery of red velvet and cookies & cream cupcakes from a girlfriend in SA to surprise her boyfriend who had moved to Switzerland.

IMG_0553  IMG_0554


The lovely Jenn hosted a baby shower for Krystal who is expecting a boy in September.

For the party I was asked to make some of Krystal’s favourite cupcakes – vanilla, mocha and as a surprise for her, Oreo.

IMG_5961 IMG_5966 As a gift from me, I baked a mocha and vanilla custom baby shower cake. IMG_5959 There were mini cupcakes of each flavour for nibbling on during the party.


Jenn wanted normal size cupcakes as party favours for when the guests left, I loved her idea!


I was very excited when I discovered this recipe, especially being allergic to all types of nuts myself! The truffles are made with Oreo biscuits and cream cheese and the decorating options are only limited to your imagination.

IMG_5575Some were rolled in cocoa powder, others in grated white chocolate and some drizzled with white chocolate

IMG_5577IMG_5554 I did also make three truffles rolled in crushed cashew nuts for the nut lovers.


Definitely something to add to the Indulgence repertoire!

My all time favourite Oreo advert!

Oreo is celebrating it’s centenary this year and I coincidentally came across this recipe which I just had to bake (with a few of my own modifications)!

The initial feedback I got on these cupcakes were really positive feedback (see below) and its now a regular favourite on the menu

Liebe Marisa
Das war das göttlichste Cupcake aller Zeiten.
Herzlichen Dank und liebe Grüsse,