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LH ordered cupcake treats for the adults at her daughter’s 4th birthday party.

Chocolate and Kahlua cupcakes, Strawberry daiquiri cupcakes and

Strawberry daiquiri

Pina colada cupcakes

Pina colada


It’s been quiet on the blogging front but not in the kitchen lately!

IMG_9870Who says vanilla has to look boring?

IMG_9875Heaven in a chocolate cup!


IMG_9860 Pina colada cupcakes with rum-soaked pineapples at the base and caramelised pineapple slices to decorate

Strawberry daiquiri mini cupcakes with rum soaked strawberries

Strawberry daquiri   Stawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry and raspberry daiquiri cupcakes

Strawberry daquiri

Pina colada minis