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Chocolate and vanilla treats on her big day!








Surprise!  The best reaction a baker can hope for! Happy 7th birthday!




With added sparkle! Best wishes to Sonia on her special day!





According to his mum, he loved his 6-layer rainbow vanilla cake!

Friday the 13th, Mascotte and InterNations!! Not to mention the cupcakes and smiles and dancing and fun that was had by over 400 people!

As a treat for the first 100 guests there were mini carrot cake, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes – all with cute Christmas-esque fondant toppers.

The winner of the competition was the lovely Lenit Aa who won a selection of Peaches ‘n Cream, chocolate and carrot cake cupcakes.IMG_2341

Here’s InterNations Zürich Ambassador, Chris, matching a snowman topper to his jumper! IMG_2330


*Apologies for the poor quality photos!